Friday, May 3, 2013

Gaetano Di Falco new releases

Have you ever seen a piece of art that just takes you into its story & gives you complete joy by just looking at it?
This is is the feeling that you will get from the amazing artwork of Gaetano Di Falco!!

Gaetano's artwork has the ability to make you feel as though you are a part of the story behind the work. You get a sense of what the artist was thinking & feeling whilst he was working on each piece. This makes for fabulous art for us to be able to enjoy.

Gaetano is unlike most artists. He loves to mingle with his fans & talk to them about his art. An artist of Gaetano's caliber who is busy creating yet still takes the time to talk to his fans, this makes for not only an amazing artist but also for an amazing person. 

Gaetano has released some fantastic & amazing new art for May. These are a must see!!

Gaetano Di Falco

Gaetano sells his art as prints & as tubes.

To view & purchase as prints 

Currently Gaetano has an amazing deal on his prints.
For 45 euro you get 2 prints of your choice & a bonus print of your choice.
With a deal like this you can't go wrong....

To purchase Gaetano's work as tubes go to

The new releases for May are now available as 3 packs or you can purchase them separately.
I know you are going to love the new releases!!

Absolutely stunning aren't they!!

And of course if you spend $10.00 (after discounts) there is a bonus tube.

You don't want to miss this bonus!!
So get your shopping shoes on & head to CDO to get yours tubes plus the bonus tube & get to tagging & allow yourself to be taken in to Gaetano's story!!!

Happy Tagging!!!

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