Friday, August 31, 2012

Scrap It Studio

Now this is definitely worth checking out!!

Check out this cool new exclusive tagger size FAN FREEBIE kit at Scrap It Studio - - just like her page - click on the Fan Freebie link - and grab the kit.


Thursday, August 30, 2012

New kit for CDO- Glamour

Another awesome kit that I have had the pleasure to work with.
Glamour is just gorgeous. Created by the wonderful Abstract Creations this kit is sure to please in every way. It contains 10 papers, 60 elements, 6 frames & 2 wordarts. Definitely plenty to have fun with. I had to go & buy a tube for this kit to do it justice & I think I found the right tube as you will see. As I always do I made 2 tags with this kit & the 1st one I had the perfect tube but for the 2nd one I couldn't make up my mind so I shopped for one that jumped out at me.
For all information on purchasing this or any of Abstracts kits go to Abstract Creations & you will find the shop links & much more. On to the preview for you:

I love everything about this kit so I honestly can't give you just one thing I like.
These are the tags I made with Glamour:

Tag 1 is called "Glamour Nights'
For this I used the artwork of:
Celinart Pinup

Tag 2 is called 'Diamonds'
For this I used the artwork of:
Jamie Kidd

This is the tube I bought just for this kit & I feel that it was just waiting for this kit...

One more thing before I go.
I am doing Abstracts advertising & I wanted to add it here for you all to check out.
So don't forget to swing by & check out Glamour & all the other kits!!
 Have a wonderful day!!

PS: I haven't forgotten the snags!! 

Friday, August 24, 2012

Easily confused!!!

Talk about being easy to confuse!! I must be top of that list right now as I forgot to do a post about 2 kits that I enjoyed working with...thought I did til I couldn't find it *shakes head* lol.

So you all know I love being a CT for Abstract Creations & I believe all of the kits make for some awesome tags. So here's another 2 awesome kits for you to check out & rush off to buy as they are so worth buying!
The 1st of these kits is Serenity & it is just gorgeous. My favorite colors are in this kit & I just loved working with it. Red's & blacks make for wonderful tagging I tell you. It contains 10 papers & 85 elements so there is a lot to play with. For information on purchasing this kit & all of Abstracts other kits go to Abstract Creations & you will find all stores & sales information.
Serenity preview:
Honestly how could you pass up using this kit? Its just gorgeous.

Tag is called From Paris:
For this I used:
Artwork: René Kunert

The 2nd kit is called Rawrcakes & again it has my favorite colors & is worth buying as it can be used a lot of different ways. I feel it will suit a lot of different tags from lovey tags to a deeper type of tag. It contains 10 papers & 75 elements, so a decent amount to play with. As with the above kit for all information on purchasing click on the link to Abstracts blog. While your there you can also check out Abs tutorials & the other CT work.
Rawrcakes preview:
I really love the teddy bear as he is super cute.
Tag is called Devil:
For this I used:
Artwork: Lon Ryden

I hope you get some inspiration & you do check out the kits to make some awesome tags. I am sure Abstract would love to see what you create with her kits & I know I'd love to see as well.
Happy tagging!!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Fantastic kits

I am back with 2 new kits for you to look at & I think you are going to love them.
Both kits are from the wonderful Abstract Creations & are very different from each other.
The 1st kit is called Blossom & has muted tones & some beautiful greens. It contains 50 elements & 10 papers. When I opened this kit I sat back & thought I know exactly what tube will work with this kit & went with it & I must say I think it turned out rather well.
All Abstracts kits are available for purchase & for store details go to Abstracts blog & you can also check out the tutorials & other CT work while your there.
On to the 1st kits preview & tags...
Honestly I really love the colors in this one.

Tag 1 is called Abstract (slack I know)
For this I used:
Artwork: Helleana

2nd tag is called Its in the eyes
For this I used:
Artwork: Cris Ortega

The 2nd kit I got to work with is one I enjoyed more than I thought I would!!
Its called Perfect Sex & is an awesome kit. It has 10 papers & 65 elements, so plenty to play with. I wasn't too sure how I would go with this kit but I had a ball & created 2 tags easily & I would definitely say I could do a couple more. The 1st tag is PG & the 2nd tag is PG & R rated. I had to make a PG one so I could post it on facebook lol.
The colors of Perfect Sex are fantastic. I loved the pink, black & silver theme. As with the above kit go to Abstracts blog for all store details.
Perfect Sex preview:

Tag1 is called Sex on fire:

For this I used:
Artwork: Ismael Rac

2nd tag is called Bad Girl
(I don't think its too R rated)

For this tag I used:
Artwork: Ismael Rac

I am definitely making snags for you with Perfect Sex, so keep your eyes out for them.
I hope you like what I have made.
Have a wonderful day!!

Monday, August 6, 2012

A gorgeous new kit

I thought I might try a pretty kit this week as I have been working with deeper colors more than anything of late & it was time to test myself. I am happy with the results I must say.

Garden Party is a beautiful, whimsical & pretty kit created by one of my favorite designers (Yes I know I CT for her) Abstract Creations. I definitely have put this kit in to my favorites because I just love the colors in it & there are a lot of elements to play with.
There are 85 elements & 12 papers to work with.
 Out of all the elements I'd have to say I just love the super cute cat... I have 2 of my own.
Garden Party is available for purchase at the following stores:
Abstract is having a %50 off sale at all stores except PFD.
I highly recommend buying this kit.
I have made 2 tags with Garden Party & they are different to each other to show how the kit can be used.

Tag 1 is called Happy, with
For this tag I used:
Art: Johanna Pieterman

Tag 2 is called Sweet, but  
I have to say that I really like how the 2nd tag turned out.
You can also visit Abstract at her BLOG to see all Abstracts work & the CT's work too. Right now Abstract has a beautiful free kit on the blog, so hurry over.
I have decided that I will be making snags for you all but will post them once a week. I hope you will enjoy them.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Snag freebies for you

In my previous post I said I'd be back with some snags for you, well I am but I went overboard & made more than I was going to. So you all get the lot. They are made with different tags & kits but the kits are all from Abstract Creations & if the snag makes you want to buy the kit then you can at:
Don't forget that Abstract is having a 50% sale at all stores except PFD.

On to your freebies:

Yeah I know there's quite a few but you all deserve them :)
I hope you like them & get some use from them.
Have a wonderful day!!!! 

Inspired Beauty

Inspired Beauty is another beautiful kit from the wonderful Abstract Creations & it did inspire make a tag with a tube I have never tried to use before. As soon as I opened the kit all I could think of was an Asian type of tag & that's what I went with. I am quite happy with how it turned out.
It has beautiful reds, silvery stuff & some deeper colors & as I like deeper colors more & more of late it was the perfect kit for me to play with.
I have a preview for you:

Inspired Beauty is available for purchase at:

Currently Abstract is having a 50% off sale at all stores EXCEPT for PFD, until the 26th August 2012.

Here is the tag I made, its called Timeless

For this tag I used:
Art: Marco Guaglione

I hope you like the kit & the tag & I will be updating this post with some snags in a short while.
I hope you all have a wonderful day!!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Nightmares anyone??

Nightmares is the fantastic new kit I have been working with for Abstract Creations & I have to say it is easy to use.
It contains 60 elements & 10 papers, so plenty to play with. The elements are rusty looking & certainly made me think of things that may give us nightmares.
 Here is a preview for you:

That eye certainly made me look twice. But it does really fit with the kit.
 Nightmares is available for purchase at:

You can also visit Abstracts blog to keep up with all the goings on & to see all the CT work.

The 1st tag is called 'Nightmare'
For this tag I used:
Art: Chris Ortega
The 2nd tag is called 'Don't be'

For this tag I used:
Art:Nathalia Suellen

I would highly recommend Nightmares for you to buy!!
Have a great day!!!