Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Ready, set & go.....Gaetano Di Falco's newest releases

July's releases are now available!!!
To say they are stunning is saying the least. They are amazing yet again!!
You can purchase the tubes as a pack or as a single tube. Head to CDO,

Don't forget that there are many more Gaetano tubes avaiable at CDO along with the new releases.

Tube previews:

Tube 1 is Medusa

Tube 2 is On the wave of Poseidon

Tube 3 is Return to Fantasy

Aren't they just stunning?

I wanted to show you a few of Gaetano's past releases to remind you what there is on offer.

So get your shopping shoe's on & head to CDO to get your's today!!
You can't miss this!!!

Happy Tagging!!!

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